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Wrapperoo has many uses and is easy to use

The easiest way is to flip your head over and wrap your Wrapperoo like you would a traditional towel.  Use the strap to hold it securely on the back of your head.  

Written instructions (with photos) on how our inventor wraps her Wrapperoo are below the video.  A demonstration starts at the :25 second mark of the video.

Wrapperoo Logo Emblem

As a
Hair Drying


Step 1

Tilt your head back slightly and place the straight edge of cape across your forehead, towel side towards your skin.


Step 2

Pull the right and left sides of the towel together at the nape of your neck, make a ‘ponytail’ and grasp with one hand.


Step 3

Tightly twist your hair inside the towel. The tighter the twist, the more secure Wrapperoo™ will be on your head.


Step 4

Lay the twisted towel on top of your head and secure with the Velcro® strap.

Wrapperoo Logo Emblem

From the
Hair Towel Position
to a Water Resistant
Styling Cape


Step 5

Hold the twisted towel with one hand and release the Velcro® strap. Lower and untwist the towel.


Step 6

Pull the cape wings and your hair over your shoulders.


Step 7

Toss the cape over your back. Align the cape over your shoulders, back and chest for optimal coverage.


Step 8

Fold the wings over each other and secure the cape with the Velcro® tabs.