Black, Purple, and Royal Blue Wrapperoos are BACK IN STOCK!

Wrapperoo has many uses and is easy to use

The easiest way is to flip your head over and wrap your Wrapperoo like you would a traditional towel.  Use the strap to hold it securely on the back of your head.  

Written instructions (with photos) on how our inventor wraps her Wrapperoo are below the video.  A demonstration starts at the :25 second mark of the video.

Wrapperoo Logo Emblem

As a
Hair Drying


Step 1

Tilt your head back slightly and place the straight edge of cape across your forehead, towel side towards your skin.


Step 2

Pull the right and left sides of the towel together at the nape of your neck, make a ‘ponytail’ and grasp with one hand.


Step 3

Tightly twist your hair inside the towel. The tighter the twist, the more secure Wrapperoo™ will be on your head.


Step 4

Lay the twisted towel on top of your head and secure with the Velcro® strap.

Wrapperoo Logo Emblem

From the
Hair Towel Position
to a Water Resistant
Styling Cape


Step 5

Hold the twisted towel with one hand and release the Velcro® strap. Lower and untwist the towel.


Step 6

Pull the cape wings and your hair over your shoulders.


Step 7

Toss the cape over your back. Align the cape over your shoulders, back and chest for optimal coverage.


Step 8

Fold the wings over each other and secure the cape with the Velcro® tabs.