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T-Shirt Hair Towel
Transforms Into
Water & Heat
Resistant Cape

The Swiss Army Knife of your Hair and Beauty Routine, Wrapperoo is a t-shirt hair drying towel that doubles as water, heat & spill resistant styling cape. You can gently dry your wet hair with less frizz and breakage plus keep the wash day drips and product mess off your skin and clothes. With Wrapperoo, you’re protected from the drips, products, serums, powders and mess of your hair & beauty routine to save yourself time and stress, hassle & mess.

Give it a try…you’ll find it has more uses than you can imagine!

As Seen On HSN (Home Shopping Network), ABC's Good Morning America, Entrepreneur magazine, WGN News, MSN, Good Housekeeping magazine and more...

Wrapperoo Logo Emblem


Make-up Application

No more hassle & mess

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Styling Natural Hair

2 strand twists & bantu knots

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Natural Hair
Wash Day

Detangle, Pre-Poo, & Style with less mess

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Hair Color &
Root Touch-Up

Stop Ruining Towels

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Drying Wet Hair

Towel Stays Put

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Styling Products

No Sticky Mess

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Curly Hair

A traditional towel is too rough for delicate curly hair, it can damage your locks and create frizz. Of course you can just use a t-shirt but why when there’s a multipurpose hair & beauty solution that will safely dry your hair AND Protect your clothes and skin from drips, products, serums, powders, and mess?

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Wrapperoo on HSN!

Wrapperoo's first appearance on HSN during the 2016 Holiday Season!

Wrapperoo's Second HSN Appearance

Wrapperoo's featured on HSN's Monday Night Show with Adam Freeman!

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