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How the Wrapperoo Can Protect Your Clothes from Make Up Fallout

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A towel wrapped around your wet hair can can keep your clothes dry, but what about applying makeup after you’ve styled your hair? Having a multipurpose t-shirt towel and styling cape comes in handy during your full morning routine.

What is fallout?

What is one of the most frustrating things that happens during a makeup glam session? FALL OUT. Fall out is excess powder from a loose or pressed pigment that usually falls onto your face and your clothing while putting on make up.

How To Keep Clothes Fallout-Free

For the fall out that lands on your face, you can easily swipe the powder away with a makeup brush, but you can’t do that on your clothing without making an even bigger mess. Keeping excess powder off of your clothes requires an accessory like a styling cape.

Using the Wrapperoo Styling Cape to Prevent Fallout

Luckily, the Wrapperoo is not only one of the best styling products for curly hair, the microfiber hair towel is the perfect solution to keeping your clothes fall out free. The Wrapperoo ties around your hair to gently help dry it, and doubles as a styling cape that covers your chest which will definitely come in handy while you apply your makeup. Once you’re done styling your hair, drape the Wrapperoo around your shoulders and let your creativity come into play. You will no longer have to be fearful of the fallout that comes from using beauty makeup like bold eyeshadow colors or glitter pigments because you know that the Wrapperoo hair cape will keep your outfit fresh and free of fallout. All of us beauty lovers know that an important part of how to do make up is protecting our outfits while we apply it. Stay on your styling A-game by incorporating the Wrapperoo magic hair towel into your make-up application process.

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