Saves You Time & Stress, Hassle & Mess!

You want to Look Good for all those lunch meetings, girls night outs, networking events and dinner dates. But you HATE the time & stress, hassle & mess of your hair and beauty routine.

Wrapperoo® is the multipurpose hair and beauty solution you’ve always needed but never knew existed...

It's a T-Shirt Hair Towel AND Protective Cape All-In-One!

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T-Shirt Hair Towel Transforms Into Water & Heat Resistant Cape

The easy towel to cape transformation means wet hair never touches your skin or clothes and you’re protected from the drips, products, serums, powders and mess of your hair & beauty routine.

Wrapperoo is multipurpose!  It has over 31 uses and our customers come up with new uses all the time. 


Multipurpose Wrapperoo™ has 31+ uses…

  • gently dries hair
  • protects clothes and skin from the hair & beauty mess
  • prevents makeup stains on clothes
  • keeps towels clean during root touch-up or hair color
  • saves clothes from hair product spray damage
  • and so much more…

and guys, you can shave, trim your beard or cut your hair after you’re dressed.


Hair Color Mess

Root touch ups and hair coloring are a messy nightmare for your skin and bath towels!

Quick Shave, Itchy Hairs

Sometimes you need a quick shave before walking out the door.

Make-Up Stains

A make-up smudge can ruin the perfect outfit!